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Interior and Exterior Restoration

The Acanthus Group can execute the entire interior and exterior restoration of an historic structure. Whether the work involves replacing a wood floor, refinishing a fireplace mantel, rebuilding a staircase, replacing a rotted sill plate or rebuilding a cornice. We have the range of skills and experience to complete the work. Our interior and exterior restoration and refinishing services include but are not limited to:

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Window Sash and Shutters
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Wood Flooring


Installation of Reclaimed Wood Flooring / Refinishing of Wood Flooring

Please see our section on Flooring


Sagging floor joists can be corrected and cracked framing can be replaced or properly supported. Interior walls and openings can be framed.

Replication of Missing Millwork

Architectural millwork such as fireplace mantels, doors, staircases, and trim can be fabricated to match the original

Staircase Repair and Replacement

Damaged, warn and broken sections of your staircase can be re-milled to match the original. If your staircase is completly missing, a new one can be fabricated to match the historic style of your structure. Complete painting and refinishing services can also be utilized when only cosmetic issues exist.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Our expertise can blend your modern kitchen and bathroom into the historic style of the home. We address the modern issues of adding or replacing a kitchen or bath in a historic structure without disturbing the integrity of the rest of the home.

Painting and Refinishing - Interior

Interior walls and woodwork can be thoroughly prepared and painted in a color scheme appropriate to the period of the house. Additionally, millwork that was varnished and then painted can be refinished to achieve the original appearance.


Wood Siding

Many home exteriors are clad in clapboards or wood shingles. Depending on the level of damage, selective replacement of clapboards/shingles can be undertaken or the entire facade can be re-sided.

Sill Plates

Unless they are masonry constructed, historic buildings often rest on top of wooden sill plates. Because of their close proximity to the ground, these sill plates many times become compromised by water, insects, etc. The structure can be jacked up and the damaged sill plate replaced with a new member.

Window Sash and Shutters

Please see our section on Windows


Porch decks can be replaced, rotted column bases restored, and millwork such as balusters, railings and brackets fabricated to exactly match the originals. If the original proch is missing, one can be designed and constructed to match the architectural style of the house.

Cornices and Soffits

Cornices and soffits tend to suffer damage over time as box gutters fail and animals such as squirrels and raccoons try to nest in the attic. These areas can be restored so that the original appearance is maintained and the house made secure.

Painting and Refinishing - Exterior

Exterior paint restoration can be performed with attention given to removing cracked and peeling paint, thoroughly cleaning the surfaces, and painting in a color scheme appropriate to the period of the house. Millwork, such as front doors and surrounds, which originally were varnished and became painted later, can be refinished.

Door Refinishing

If the varnish is yellowing, peeling, worn out, or painted over, we can strip and refinish your front door to bring back its original beauty. Also, damaged and missing elements can be repaired or replaced.