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Framing and Structural

The Acanthus Group has over 17 years of experience in framing and structural repairs on historic structures. Depending on the complexity of the project, we can work with a team of architects and engineers who can provide further assistance.

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interior framing1
Reframing 2nd story floor
interior framing2
Replace Sill Plate
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Jacked and level

There are a variety of options available to complete even the most difficult of projects. The Acanthus Group can work in the truest traditional sense by replacing damaged timbers with matching species of antique wood and replicating the same joinery techniques. Or, we can take advantage of modern materials such as steel or laminated veneered beams and custom fabricated brackets. Whichever methods are used, the underlying goal is to deliver a repair that stands the test of time and is the least intrusive on the historic fabric of the structure.

The Acanthus Group is equipped to complete any structural repair to a historic building. Common repairs include:

Aside from doing the necessary repair work, The Acanthus Group also consults with clients on the structural condition of their building. After an inspection of the framing and structural components of a building, we can diagnose the problems encountered and begin developing a plan of repair. Clients taking advantage of our consultation services include not only current owners of historic buildings but also those prospective buyers who wish to learn as much as possible prior to purchasing a property.