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Emergency and Disaster Services

The Acanthus Group offers emergency stabilization of historic structures as a service. Disasters, natural or otherwise, do happen. Fire, wind, water, and even earthquakes can pose a threat to any building. Clients finding themselves in this unfortunate situation can turn to The Acanthus Group for help in stabilizing a structure until decisions on its repair can be made.

Many times, because of the extraordinary craftsmanship and quality of materials used by the original builders, old homes can weather a disaster better than modern ones. Because of these superior building techniques, it enables us to repair damaged structures rather than write them off as a total loss. Often, repairing a damaged building represents a cost savings to the owner and/or insurance company. After factoring in costs of demolition, land fill disposal, and reconstruction, repairing a compromised structure often becomes an attractive option.

If the decision is made to repair the building, it is important to have The Acanthus Group on site during the clean-up phase. Pieces of hardware, sections of molding, elements from staircases, etc. become invaluable when trying to return a building back to the way it was. Left in the hands of an average clean-up crew, these pieces are usually discarded as debris. Having restoration experts involved in this process allows architectural pieces to be inventoried and saved so they can be easily replicated during the rebuilding phase.

Please call us before allowing your insurance company to declare your irreplaceable historic property a total loss. The Acanthus Group has the experience and ability to repair your structure. Once work is completed, it will be undetectable that disaster ever struck.